Certificate Renewal

Certificate Renewal

Please see the Certificate Rates Page for current rates and terms.  (Opens in New Window)

Who can submit a request? - Online certificate renewal requests are available for consumers only. If you are renewing a certificate on behalf of a business or organization, please contact or visit your nearest GreenState branch for assistance. This form is not valid for Public Funds or Institutional Investments, please reach out to your broker for current rates & terms.
When can requests be submitted? -  Requests can be submitted up to 20 calendar days before a certificate's maturity date or up to 10 calendar days after a certificate’s maturity date.
When are requests processed? -  Renewal requests received at least 1 day prior to a certificate’s maturity date will be processed on the first business day of or immediately following the maturity date of the certificate. Requests received on or after a certificate’s maturity date will be processed on the next business day. The rate for a renewed certificate will be the rate available on the day the request is processed. If you request to renew your certificate you will receive your new certificate disclosures at the address on file shortly after that maturity date.
Renewal Request Does Not Guarantee Rate -  The interest rate and term for your renewed certificate must be chosen from the options available on or after your certificate’s maturity date. If the certificate option you chose is not available on your renewal date an employee will contact you to discuss the new options.

If you have any questions, please chat with us at www.greenstate.org or call our member assistance center at (800) 397-3790.

Certificate Renewal

ex. 00123456 1002

GreenState Certificate Options

See the Certificate Rates Page for current rates and terms.
12 Month Special
23 Month Special
49 Month Special
3-6 Months
7-12 Months
13-24 Months
25-36 Months
37-48 Months
49-60 Months
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