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Fraud Prevention

Need to Report Fraud on Your Credit or Debit Card?
Call 24/7: 800-397-3790

You may also call this number if you suspect fraud on your account.

Fraud Prevention

General Security Tips

  • Use strong, unique passwords for your accounts
  • Turn on two factor authentication where possible for your sensitive accounts that are used to verify your identity with other services. 
  • Do not follow/click on links sent via text messages. If you need to access your GreenState account do so by visiting our main website at or by downloading the official GreenState App from the Apple App or Google Play store.
  • Do not share any private security information over the phone or via text message. GreenState employees will never ask for your username, password, card or account numbers. If you receive a suspicious call or ever have doubts about who you are speaking to, please hang up and call us back at 800-397-3790.
  • Travel Notification - Call or Chat GreenState or submit a Travel Notification Form to let GreenState know your travel plans.
  • Opt in for eStatements - Reduce the opportunity for criminals to gain access to your personal information by opting in for eStatements in Online Banking. It is easy to do so; it also saves you money!

Text / Email / Phone Scams

Be vigilant about text messages or emails you may receive. Many criminals pretend to be your financial institution and trick you into gaining access to your accounts.

This is why we will never ask you for your username or password and why you should always use the Online Banking mobile app or the link at to access your accounts and no links sent via text message.

Recent Scam Attempt Examples

Account Security

We work tirelessly to maintain the security of your accounts. Check out the following alerts which are automatically sent, or ones you can turn on and customize yourself.

Password Tip: The first step in maintaining security on your account is to use a difficult password that includes a mix of characters and numbers.

  • New device login sends a Secure Access Code to your phone via voice or text. 
  • Automatic Online Banking Security Alerts:
    • A new computer, browser, or other device is successfully registered.
    • Your password is changed.
    • Your LoginID is changed. 
    • Your Secure Access Code delivery information is changed. 
    • When a valid Secure Access Code is submitted. 
    • Your security alert preferences are changed.  

Additional Online Banking Security Alerts (can be turned on/off in your Online Banking Alerts Preferences).

  • When a new alert recipient is added.
  • When an external transfer is authorized in Online Banking.
  • When a micro deposit for verifying external accounts is created. 
  • When the forgot password option is attempted, failed, and/or successful for your LoginID
  • When the forgot password option is successful for your LoginID
  • When an invalid password is used for your LoginID
  • When an invalid Secure Access Code is submitted.
  • When your User Profile is updated.

Optional History, Transaction & Account Balance Alerts

  • Get alerts when a transaction in your account history matches customizable criteria.
  • Get alerts when an account balance is lower than or greater than your selected amount.
  • Get alerts for Online Transactions including check reorders or external transfers.

Optional Credit and Debit Card Activity Alerts

  • Get alerts anytime a purchase exceeds a selected amount.
  • Get alerts for any international purchases.
  • Get alerts for any online/phone transaction where your physical card is not present.
  • Get alerts for any declined transaction.
Report Suspicious Activity

Monitor your statements closely, and immediately report any transactions you don’t recognize to the GreenState Member Assistance Center via chat or by calling 800-397-3790.

To report fraud or get other assistance related to your debit or credit card, please contact cardholder services at 888- 691-0745.