PHISHING ALERT: Beware of phishing emails imitating GreenState Credit Union with "Signature Required" in the subject line. If you have any reason to doubt the validity of an email, never click on a link or open an attachment. If you are unsure of a communication you received, reach out to us to confirm at 800-397-3790 or chat with us at

Fraud Prevention

Frequently Asked Questions

Online Banking Fraud

  • Is my device at risk?
  • I provided my secure access code (SAC) to someone. Now what?
  • I received a successful login notification that I did not initiate. Now what?
  • I had a pop up and then allowed someone remote access to my computer. Now What?


  • Is Zelle Secure?

Need to Report Fraud on Your Credit or Debit Card?
Call 24/7: 800-397-3790

Fraud Prevention Best Practices

Use strong, unique passwords for your accounts. A password manager can help you choose and remember strong unique passwords.

Turn on two factor authentication when possible, especially for accounts used to verify your identity or reset access to other accounts (email and phone accounts)

Be wary of sharing sensitive info in phone calls or text messages. GreenState employees will never ask for your username, password, card or account numbers. GreenState employees will never call to ask for a Secure Access Code (the code sent to your device to confirm new logins).

Opt in for eStatements - Reduce the opportunity for criminals to gain access to your personal information by opting in for eStatements in Online Banking. It is easy to do so; it also saves you money!

Travel Notification - You can easily share your travel plans with GreenState via Card Controls in Online Banking for your debit and/or credit card.

Enable transaction and activity alerts for your cards and accounts in online banking. If you receive alerts for transactions you don't recognize, contact GreenState to report the activity.

Do not follow/click on links sent via text messages. If you need to access your GreenState account do so by visiting our main website or via the mobile app.

Certain texts from GreenState may include plain text human readable URLs like "visit to make your payment". Some text platforms may enable this text as a link automatically. Any URL provided in this manner is intended to be typed into a browser address bar and will only ever include the single domain "".