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Vote now for your Board of Directors
Voting is now open for our 2023 Board of Directors election! Voting is open and closes on April 13. Final voting and results will be announced at the 84th Annual Meeting on April 18. The meeting will be held virtually, and you may register to attend at any time.

RewardsPlus Checking Qualifications

RewardsPlus Checking is a profit-sharing account designed to maximize cash back for members that have their primary checking relationship with us. We combine incredibly high yields on deposits up to $19,999.99 with the cash back benefits of our Platinum Rewards Credit Card.

What are the requirements?

  • Use your GreenState credit card at least 15 times for an average of at least $10 per transaction. The 15 transactions must post and clear before the second to last business day of the month (to allow time for GreenState to process the transaction).
    • CC Transactions must POST during these dates
      Month Dividend Paid Date Start End
      December 12/31 11/30 12/30
      January 1/31 12/31 1/30
      February 2/28* 1/31 2/27*
      March 3/31 2/28* 3/30
      April 4/30 3/31 4/29
      May 5/31 4/30 5/30
      June 6/30 5/31 6/29
      July 7/31 6/30 7/30
      August 8/31 7/31 8/30
      September 9/30 8/31 9/29
      October 10/31 9/30 10/30
      November 11/30 10/31 11/29
      *Leap years will be one day later
  • Have at least one ACH deposit or withdrawal of at least $100 per month into the Rewards Plus Checking account.